Funnel Tunnel AB

                                           Recording with microphones made easy


  • Less bleed and colored sound. Capture the true tone of your instrument!
  • The Funnel Tunnel® was developed to help small studios and live performers to get a tighter mix when recording certain instruments. Its main focus is on guitar/bass cabinets and kickdrums and is meant to act as tool for reducing bleed and other sources of sound that might interfere with the microphone. The idea came from the experience of recording a band in a small rehearsal room and has been developed further ever since then.
  • "- A big part of what makes the Funnel Tunnel® a great tool when recording live is how much cleaner the track gets. which makes mixing a band so much easier."


  • Take your mixing to a new level with a fuller frequency response from your microphones and hear the differance from your EQ's and mixing software.